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Proteasomal control of anti-CRISPRs for the regulation of CRISPR/Cas9 activity using Cas9-ACROBAT.

Martin, T. D., Watson, E. V., Choi, M. Y., Nabet, B., Gray, N. S., Xu, Q., and Elledge, S. J. bioRXiv (2024)


Chromosome evolution screens recapitulate tissue-specific tumor aneuploidy patterns.

Watson, E. V.*, Lee, J. J. K.*, Gulhan, D. C., Melloni, G. E., Venev, S. V., Magesh, R. Y., Frederick, A., Chiba, K., Wooten, E. C., Naxerova, K., Dekker, J., Park, P. J., and Elledge, S. J. Nature Genetics (2024)


Estrogen receptor-associated chromosomal translocations underlie oncogene amplifications in breast cancer.

Lee, J. J. K.*, Jung, Y. L.*, Chu, C., Gulhan, D. C., Jin, H., Viswanadham, V., Cortes-Ciriano, I., Watson, E. V., Elledge, S. J., Pellman, D. S., and Park, P. J. Nature (2023)


A central role for regulated protein stability in the control of TFE3 and MITF by nutrients.

Nardone, C., Palanski, B.A., Scott, D.C., Timms, R.T., Barber, K.W., Gu, X., Mao, A., Leng, Y., Watson, E.V., Schulman, B.A., Cole, P.A., Elledge. S.J. Molecular Cell (2023)


A GATA4-regulated secretory program suppresses tumors through recruitment of cytotoxic CD8 T cells.

Patel, R. S.*, Romero, R.*, Watson, E. V., Liang, A. C., Burger, M., Westcott, P. M. K., Mercer, K. L., Bronson, R. T., Wooten, E. C., Bhutkar, A., Jacks, T., and Elledge, S. J. Nature Communications (2022)


Integrated loss- and gain-of-function screens define a core network governing human embryonic stem cell behavior.

Naxerova, K., Di Stefano, B., Makofske, J.L., Watson, E.V., de Kort, M.A., Martin, T.D., Dezfulian, M.H., Ricken, D., Wooten, E.C., Kuroda, M.I., Hochedlinger, K., Elledge, S.J. Genes & Development (2021)


Aneuploidy Police Detect Chromosomal Imbalance Triggering Immune Crackdown!.

Watson E.V. and Elledge S.J. Trends in Genetics (2017)


Metabolic network rewiring of propionate flux compensates vitamin B12 deficiency in C. elegans.

Watson, E., Olin-Sandoval V., Hoy M.J., Li C.H., Louisse T., Yao V., Mori A., Holdorf A.D., Troyanskaya O.G., Ralser M., Walhout A.J. eLife (2016)


Understanding Metabolic Regulation at a Systems Level: Metabolite Sensing, Mathematical Predictions, and Model Organisms.

Watson, E., Yilmaz, S.L., and Walhout, A.J. Annual Rev. Genetics (2015)


Caenorhabditis elegans metabolic gene regulatory networks govern the cellular economy.

Watson, E. and Walhout, A.J. Trends Endocrinol. Metab. (2014)


Interspecies systems biology uncovers metabolites affecting C. elegans gene expression and life history traits.

Watson, E., MacNeil, L.T., Ritter, A.D., Yilmaz, L.S., Rosebrock, A.P., Caudy, A.A., and Walhout A.J. Cell (2014)


Integration of metabolic and gene regulatory networks modulates the C. elegans dietary response.

Watson, E.*, MacNeil, L.T.*, Arda, H.E., Zhu, L.J., and Walhout, A.J. Cell (2013)


Diet-induced developmental acceleration independent of TOR and insulin in C. elegans.

MacNeil, L.T., Watson, E., Arda, H.E., Zhu, L.J., and Walhout, A.J. Cell (2013)


Hydrogen exchange of monomeric α-synuclein shows unfolded structure persists at physiological temperature and is independent of molecular crowding.

Croke, R.L., Sallum, C.O., Watson, E., Watt, E.D., and Alexandrescu, A.T. Protein Science (2008)


Partially folded states of staphylococcal nuclease highlight the conserved structural hierarchy of OB-fold proteins.

Watson, E. and Walhout, A.J. Biochemistry (2007)

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